Grade 6 Graduation 2013

On the 16th of December all the grade 6’s of MPPS went to Moonee Valley Legends for dinner. We had a great time at each other. I ordered chicken parmigiana. Zoe had fish and chips. For dessert we had ice-cream with fruit. Some of the fruit was rock melon and orange. After we talked for a while we walked back to school to commence the ceremony. The ceremony started at 7:30PM. First we played a photo slide that Daniel, Serena and myself worked on. We worked hard to get it perfect and get everyone to bring there prep photos in. It took about 10 weeks to do but it was worth it.

 The school captain’s Amelia, Jack and Julian were the Masters Of Ceremony. The Masters Of Ceremony gave us a speech on what it was like to be school captains for the year. They also congratulated Brigitte and Angus as they have gotten selected for school captains next year. After the school captains gave a speech Matt our new principal came up to give a fantastic speech. We also made a video that contained a few questions we asked all the year 6’s. The questions were: What was your favourite memories from this school, Most embarrassing moment, How do you feel about high school and what will you take to high school. The filming crew contained Luke, Serena, Jesse, Daniel and myself. We could have never done it without Lee’s help, so I would just like to say thank you to Lee.

Once the film was over we all got called up one at a time to recive our scroll from our classroom teacher and get a photo. The clapping went on and on. Once all the scrolls were handed out, Grace went up and presented her marvalise Valadictorien speech. She did a great job and really deserved the opatunity to present it at graduation. After that was done we gad Rebecca to had out specialesed awareds. These were for visiual arts, performing arts, Physical education, Italian and Buddies. These awards were handed out to Sozoe – visual arts, Tommy – physical education, Lilly – Italian, Luke – Buddies and myself for performing arts.

After we had the prestigious awards handed out. Eleanor got the excellence award, Julian got the academic achievement and Amelia got the Dux award. We had one last thing to do and that was our final farewell. We had prepered a dance that Tatiana helped us prepare. It was great and we all had a great night.

I would just like to thank all the teachers for all there help and thank our parents for all the support.

BTN – Saying Sorry

This week I watched Saying Sorry on BTN. Here is the link so you can go and watch it.

You may have heard about the government spying on Indonesia. The Indonesian government have caught our government spying on them. Tony Abert has said that when Cavern Rud had said sorry to all the tor instate islanders for taking there children. Tony thought that it was the best thing our XPM had ever done so now why won’t Tony say sorry to the Indonesian government as the Australian government got caught out for spying on them.

Well there are multiple reasons. The first one could be because by saying sorry it means that you promise to not do it again and there is a posability that if that does happen we have a disadventige. Another reason could be if you say sorry it is admitting that you have done it but Tony would not want them to know that the government have actually done it.

The relationship with Indonesia does not look to good at all.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 8 Question 23

Prediction: I think this is going to be about converting and money.

Read:“Which  deal costs less per milliliter? A 75c for 500 mL B $2 for 2L”

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

What is the BIG question?: Which deal coasts less?

Strategy: Write an equation.

(To see more of these strategies  here is the link:

Solve:What I did was times 0.75 by four and 500ml by for to give me $3.00 for 2L. So I realized that be was the one that coasted less.

100WC – week #15

I saw this portal and jumped in it. When I got inside it it was like a room full of chocolate but with colour. I was a magical place. I loved to paint and draw with colour not just a gray-led pencil. I just remembered that the reason I had actually come was cause I needed to find my Mum. I went through a paint slide, a colored playground and much more. I saw my Mum through a pastel wall. She was teaching children how to draw a cartoon cat. I thought I would join in and I had so much fun.

100WC – Week# 14

While I was listening to the song on my iPod I could hear a dripping sound coming from the kitchen. I asked Mum what that sound was and she told me it was nothing so I went on. During that dipping noise was going on Mum was cooking. A minuet later I heard the vacuum at start up and then the noise stopped. “Mum, why did you start the vacuum for a second?” There was no answer. I went down stars and didn’t see the vacuum or Mum. I called the police,, there was no answer. Where was everyone?

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 7 Question 23

Prediction: I think that this is going to be about area or perimeters.

Read: A square has a perimeter of 60 cm. A rectangle has the shape of two of these squares places side by side. What is the perimeter of the rectangle?

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify.

What is the BIG question?: What is the perimeter length with the two squares joint together?

Mathematician’s toolbox: I use the Draw a picture or graph.

(To see more of these strategies  here is the link:

Solve: What I did was first draw a two squares next to each other and rubbed out the middle line. Then I worked out how much each side would be so I thought of numbers it could be so it was equal. I did 15 and to check my answer I added 15 six times and I got 60 so my end result was 15.

The 5 big questions: Lockie Leonard, Scumbuster

BIG QUESTION #1: What makes this book good?

The thing that makes this book good are the characters. The reason I like the characters is because there back stories are very interesting and during the book they go through some challenges and the way Lockie and his family overcome them are interesting and strange.

BIG QUESTION #2: What would make this book better?

One of the main things I think could make this book better is making the story line clear. The reason I say this is because you have no idea who is speaking and when they are and when you move onto a new chapter  it does not continue from the last one and it does not make sense.

BIG QUESTION #3: Whats the most important thing the author wants you to know?

I think the most important thing the author wants you to know is you should be green and care for the environment, such as if you see a piece of rubbish you should pick it up and put it in the bin.

BIG QUESTION #4: Why did the writer write this?

I think the author wrote this because he would like to get the message across to be environmentally friendly.

BIG QUESTION #5: What does the audience need to know?

I think the author needs to know Lockie’s Mums back story as she is depressed and it does not mention it in this book. Another thing the audience needs to know is a bite about pollution and how it works.

Letter in a bottle

Dear Children in the Philippines,

I have heard about your horrible Typhoon Haiyan and how much you have suffered. I would like to say keep going and don’t give up. I know a lot of you have lost your parents and your house, but push through and you will be able to achieve what you want if you believe in yourself and get your whole community to help out.

I have never gone through any thing like what you have and are, but I am sure that you can do it and I am thinking if you guys all the time.

Be strong and try!

Sincerely Stephanie

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 6 Question 24

Prediction: I think that this is going to be using multiplication.

Read: Fill in the missing digits in the multiplication.

Clarify: I had nothing to clarify in this question.

What is the BIG question?: What goes in the missing boxes?

Mathematician’s toolbox: I use the Do I know a similar problem?, my prior knowledge and Break the problem into smaller parts.

(To see more of these strategies  here is the link:

Solve: The first question was 6 x 3 and that is 18 carry the one. Then I had to fill in the box and it had to equal 3 so I did 4 x 3 which is 12 plus one is 13 carry the one again. Then I had to do 2 x 3 which is 6 plus one is 7. So the answer is 738.

Spelling – Compound Words

This week we had to come up with as many interesting compound words as we could think of. Here is my list: Upon, Upperclassman, Playhouse, Sunbaked, Cancan, Cheeseburger, Foreknowledge, Onto, Into, Spearfish, Starfish, Seahorse, Understand, Elsewhere, Lifetime, Grandmother, Passport, Meantime, Baseball, Basketball, Schoolhouse, Weatherman, Upstream, Butterfly, Throwback, Peppermint and Because.